Stop Searching for Boxes, You’re Not an F*ing Cat.

Stop Searching for Boxes, You’re Not an F*ing Cat.

The cat’s primal need to get in the box is as deeply rooted as our need to fit in.
My pap, a veteran, a farmer, a steel worker, a man’s man.

There Once Was a Man on a Horse

I am very lucky to have had all four of my grandparents in my life for so long.

The beach at sunset, waves are rolling in. It’s the calm before the storm.

Oh Sh*t, Here We Go.

For years, I have been contemplating a career change. To what? I don’t know.
Spider-Man book and paint swatch - inspiration for the Superhero City bedroom design.

Project Spotlight: Superhero City

What is a thirty-something creative to do when she has no kids of her own for whom to decorate awesome bedrooms?
Little Gina proudly holding her fish she caught in front of her dad’s boat.

When I Grow Up

Some of us were lucky. Some of us knew what we were going to do with our lives from an early age as if it wasn't even a choice.


Gina Stogran profile photo in studio

This blog is the story of my journey to, well, figure sh*t out. Or maybe this is my midlife crisis documented on the internet for the world to read. Either way it feels good to let it all out. So here I am, rediscovering my love of art and creativity, and finally acknowledging the value of these gifts. So strap in, because if there’s one thing I lack for sure, it’s grace.



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