Original Equestrian Artwork
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Original Equestrian Artwork "A Horse Named Dusty"


"A Horse Named Dusty" original charcoal drawing by Gina Stogran of Ginabird Creative Studio.

This unique piece of contemporary art will add visual interest to any room. Dusty feels as if he is calmly awaiting affection. Any horse enthusiast or animal lover will appreciate the depth of authenticity and the soulfulness of this beautiful creature.


The story behind the artwork excerpt:
“For the next few months, I spent hours here and there, searching for the right reference photos. Though I had done the research, planned out the composition, and prepped the surface, my drawing board remained blank. Call it procrastination, emotional avoidance, or even self destruction, in any case, I still needed more time.”


Product Details:

  • Original Equestrian Artwork
  • Framed without Glass
  • Hand Drawn Charcoal on textured birch board
  • Size: 2' wide x 4' tall x .25" thick
  • Sealed with a matte finish